WHITEPAPER: Dealing with visitors and goods will never be the same again

“Who could have predicted that by 2020 our world as we know it would be completely turned upside down by a pandemic? A phenomenon that we only know from history books or from fiction. But now, despite all the predictions, a hard reality for our society.”

Tech entrepreneur and biomedical scientist in a distant past Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen sheds light on the current corona crisis and how we as a B2B economy should deal with this in a whitepaper you can read today. For free!

“For many companies, receiving visitors and goods is critical. But post-COVID-19 these processes must be dealt with in a different way. It’s not about your own safety anymore, it’s about everyone’s safety!”

Companies will have to adapt. Read in the paper how we can do that through the smart use of technology.

Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen

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