CURA Visitor

Visitor Registration System

CURA Visitor is a visitor registration system that offers an end-to-end solution to manage the visitor flow.

It takes care of all the steps, from the moment an appointment with a visitor is scheduled by the employee until the visitor checks out and leaves the company building.

Welcome your visitors in style!

Which style? You choose!




“Always in touch, guiding, informing and helping your visitors!”

Secure visitor & contractor management

  • Online visitor and contractor pre-announcement
  • Contractor certification
  • Real time arrival communication
  • On site self-registration with interactive features (video, safety questions…)
  • Outlook/Google/Apple calendar connection for easy invite
  • Identity control and access blacklisting
  • Collaborative evacuation using your smartphone using your smartphone
  • Integration of safety instructions & questionnaire

A tailor made experience!

CURA Visitor can do more than just register visitors.

The CURA Visitor-solution can be configured based on the client’s needs & can be adapted in all colours and flavours. Want to support other flows? We adapt the implementation to fit your needs!

  • Employee presence registration
  • Temporary employee management
  • Deliveries on site
  • Integration with access control

Are you ready to transform your organisation?


CURA TMS for better transport management

CURA Visitor for smart visitor management

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